GBCI Europe Circle is Europe’s LEED community reunion.

With 250 people joining us in Athens (17-19 April) and 500 connecting online (24 April), GBCI Europe Circle 2024 was a great success. To all of you who attended, to all of you who supported, sincerely:

thank you!

post event // actions.

GBCI Europe Circle 2024 may be over officially but opportunities for connection. learning and exploration remain.

GBCI Europe Circle 2024 investigated social value in the built environment with a four-pillar framework: community, nature, human health and economy. The Day 02 program in Athens included:

0900: Welcome
Kay Killmann
Alex Athanassoulas

0910: AM Keynote
Eleni Myrivili

0925: AM-1 “Community”
Kay Killmann (moderator)
Anna Olink
Eri Mitsostergiou
Gabor Radvanyi
Peter Price

1015: AM-2 “Nature”
Thomas Doxiadis

1115: AM-3 Stavros Niarchos Foundation, A Case Study
Charalampos Giannikopoulos (moderator)
Olaf de Nooyer
Panos Papoulias
Peter Templeton

1200: AM-4 LEED v5 → (Slides)
Melissa Baker

1345: PM-1 “Human Health” → (Slides)
Ann Marie Aguilar (moderator)
Andrea Costa
Bieito Silva Poti
John Harrison

1430: PM-2 7×7
Andrea Valentini → (Slides)
Clara Garcia → (Slides)
Filip Elland → (Slides)
Julia Faltus-James
Lisa-Marie Laub → (Slides)
Matias von Bennevitz

1545: PM-4 “Economy” → (Slides)
Vessela Valtcheva-McGee (moderator)
Adina Welsh
Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Olga Itsiou
Ted Kronmiller

1630: PM Keynote
Carlos Moreno

Circle 2024 Online // videos.

GBCI Europe Circle ONLINE 2024 provided an opportunity to dive deeper in various subjects. You can access the videos and transcripts below. 

Please note that, for the sake of expediency, the transcripts/subtitles have been machine generated. 


  1. Welcome // LEED V5 O+M
  2. LEED Residential
  3. LEED in Europe
  4. LEED for Communities
  5. LEED x WELL
  6. LEED & the integrative process
  7. Closing // Q&A

#CircleBack: LEED v5: European Comment & Open Forum


GBCI Europe Circle 2024 was only possible with the generous support of these organizations.


marco bellamoli, md, agglotech
katerina vagianou
, md, envirosys
sandra bär
, md, beyond sustainability
birgit memminger-rieve, md, envirosustain
nikos gkonis, head of esg, prodea investments
francesca galati bolognese, founder, fgb studio
georgios taboureas, general manager, ote estate

speakers // online.

kate tart, architect, iwbi
arturo garcia, ceo, zero consulting
vatsal bhatt, vp communities, usgbc
stefanie young, vp client solutions, usgbc
paola moschini, ceo, macro design studio
luisa tonelli, partner, macro design studio
sarah zaleski, chief products officer, usgbc
michela tedeschi, team leader, manens spa
marina saez, sustainability consultant, arup
michael labugger, engineer, rm engineering
andrea costa, managing partner, r2m solution
phaydra hunt, well certification team lead, usgbc
emmanuel pauwels, co-founder, a regenerative place
jennifer owens, quality director – leed residential, usgbc
edoardo beltrame, sustainability consultant, manens spa
marco ricci, sustainability consultant, macro design studio
marco ceccotti
, regenerative architecture specialist, nativa
michelle schwarting, rating systems specialist, gbci europe
danai frantzi-gounari, head of sustainable development, lamda development
vessela valtcheva-mcgee, director market development, eastern europe, gbci

speakers // athens.

olga itsiou, coo, dimand
bieito silva potí, director, acsos
ann marie aguilar
, svp emea, iwbi
kay killmann, head of europe, gbci
adina welsh, director, rphi bulgaria
thomas doxiadis, owner, doxiadis+
john harrison, strategic advisor, bee
peter templeton, president/ceo, usgbc
melissa baker, svp technical core, usgbc
gábor radványi, chief architect, futureal
alex athanassoulas, president, sbc greece
lisa-marie laub, manager, drees & sommer
julia faltus-james, sustainability expert, jwa
charalampos giannikopoulos, md, dcarbon
clara garcia, business developer, one click lca
andrea costa, managing partner, r2m solution
filip elland, chief sustainability officer, castellum
panos papoulias, coo, stavros niarchos foundation
eri mitsostergiou, ceo, foresight real estate partners
ted kronmiller, Climate Finance Strategist at Repower Holdings
eleni myrivili, global chief heat officer, united nations
matias von bennewitz, project director, envirosustain
andrea valentini, steering committee member, gbc italia
anna olink, director for real estate engagement – emea, gresb
panagiotis paliouras, senior sustainability consultant, dcarbon
olaf de nooyer, associate architect, renzo piano building workshop
konstantinos dimopoulos, associate – climate strategy & delivery, ebrd
carlos moreno, scientific director of chaire eti “entrepreneurship territory innovation”
peter price
, vp & executive project director – snf global health initiative, hill international