Ca l’Alier, Barcelona’s “Home of Urban Innovation”

*to neutrality & beyond*

#Circle2023 explored Europe’s race to neutrality and a “positive” future for our built environment.

day 01 // workshop.

part 1: leed in europe

Welcome & Introduction:
Kay Killmann, GBCI, Head of Europe
Olivier Benielli, TBS Education Barcelona, Dean

LEED & EU Regulations:
Ingemar Hunold, EnviroSustain, Partner | Slides

LEED’s Europe-focused ACPs:
Michelle Schwarting, GBCI Europe, Rating Systems Specialist | Slides

Barcelona’s new “Home of Tomorrow”, the TBS Education campus, played host to our Day 01 Technical Workshop.

part 2: tools for scaling

“The Imperative of Green Building at Scale“:
Don Anderson, GBCI, Board of Directors (2014-2023) | Slides

New LEED Performance Tools & the EU Taxonomy Self-Assessment Tool:
Chris Pyke, U.S. Green Building Council, Senior Vice President | Slides

Chiesi Farmaceutici Case Study, “Portfolio Analysis and Transformation”:
Davide Feroldi, Chiesi, Technical Office Manager | Slides
Marco Valerio Ceccotti, Nativa, Evolution Guide & Regenerative Architecture Specialist
Stefano Pieretti, Nativa, Regenerative Architecture Leader

Schneider Electric Case Study, “Data-Driven Tools to Accelerate Performance-Based Green Building Across Large Real Estate Portfolios”:
Philippe Raffin, Schneider Electric, Head of Product – EcoStruxure | Slides

day 02 // sessions.

theme: “to neutrality & beyond”

Welcome & Introduction:
Kay Killmann, GBCI, Head of Europe
Don Anderson, GBCI, Board of Directors (2014-2023)

Antoni Ballabriga, BBVA, Global Head of Responsible Business | Slides

NEUTRALITY-1 “Investors”:
Chris Pyke, U.S. Green Building Council, Senior Vice President
Deb Cloutier, Legence, Chief Sustainability Officer
Neil Menzies, Hibernia Real Estate Group, Director of Sustainability

NEUTRALITY-2 “Materials”:
Gonzalo Anguita, FSC España, Executive Director | Slides
Ignasi Cubiña, Grupo Construcía, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer | Slides
Michael Scharpf, Concrete Sustainability Council, Vice-Chair | Slides
Nicolás Bermejo Presa, Saint-Gobain Solutions, Sustainability Director | Slides
Vincent Briard, Knauf Insulation, Group Sustainability Director | Slides

NEUTRALITY-3 “Acceleration”:
Fermín Martínez de Hurtado Yela, Santander, Global Responsible Banking Director
Patrizia Laplana, Asla Green Solutions, Founding Managing Director | Slides
Raquel Espada Martin, Women Action Sustainability, Co-Founder & Treasurer | Slides
Ruperto Unzué, Suma Captial, Partner

Daniele Guglielmino, GET Consulting, CEO
Filip Elland, Castellum, Chief Sustainability Officer | Slides
Leyre Echevarria Icaza, CBRE España, Director ESG
Marco Beccati, CityLife S.p.a., Technical Director


BEYOND-1 “Vision”:
Vicente Guallart, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Founder

BEYOND-2 “Models”:
Ana Digón, Regenerative Agriculture Association of Iberia, Co-founder | Slides
Aline Van Moerbeke, La Casa Integral, Project Designer | Slides

Emmanuel Pauwels, Green Living Projects, Founder

The setting for our Day 02 Sessions was the stunning Pau Gil Auditorium in the LEED-certified Sant Pau Recinte Modernista campus administration building.

day 03 // tours.

Luke Treasure, Conren Tramway, Managing Director – Development Management

Mile 22@ Business Campus:
David Hernandez, Savills, Associate – ESG Real Estate
Raul Calvo Escamilla, Savills, National Director – Technical Property Management

Aina Juliol, PGI Engineering & Consulting, President
Enrique Molinero Hernando, GCA Architects, Associate Architect
Esther Pereira, PGI Engineering & Consulting, Energy & Sustainability Managing Director
Fernando Monje, Barcelonesa de Inmuebles, Operations Director
Guillem Richard Naudó, PGI Engineering & Consulting, Energy & Sustainability Consultant
Juan Velasco, GCA, Associate Architect
Olivia Blanco Ortiz, PGI Engineering & Consulting, Europe Area Manager
Rui Jang, PGI Engineering & Consulting

Ana Cunha, Deerns, CSR Director & Strategic Sustainability Advisor
David Alemany, Deerns, Sustainability & Building Performance Consultant
Eduardo Martínez Gil, NTT Data, Head of Smart Cities
Elena Trenado Ruiz, NTT Data, Manager – Green Deal & Sustainable Engineering

Camila Harguindeguy, Evalore, Sustainability Consultant
Joanna Kiedrowska, Evalore, Sustainability Consultant
Pablo Munoz, Evalore, Co-Founder & CEO

#CircleBack // webinars.

10 may 2023
introduction to regeneration in the built environment

Presented by:
Emmanuel Pauwels, A Regenerative Place, Co-Founder

23 may 2023
leed in europe 2023: a #Circle2023 workshop review

Presented by:
Kay Killmann, GBCI, Head of Europe
Michelle Schwarting, GBCI Europe, Rating Systems Specialist

Zoom Webinar Recording (Pwd: D7WvRh!j)